The Business of LiFi

Osram is Bullish on LiFi

November 13 [addtoany]

In a call with investors, Olaf Berlien, OSRAM Licht AG – CEO & Chairman of the Managing Board, stated, “Ladies and gentlemen, something is big happening in the lighting market: it is shifting from illumination to photonics. So what does photonics mean? It basically means the emission, the transmission and the detection of light. In the past, you more or less only used the emission part, so to illuminate buildings or streets. But then came the LED and changed everything. It changed the entire illumination business, but more important, the LED has opened up to other parts of photonics. With digital light, you are able to modulate, amplify and detect the photons. You can even use it to transmit information, like with Li-Fi. This opens up completely new application for us. “


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