The Business of LiFi

May, 2018

Lucibel Partners with Barrisol for Stretch Ceilings

May 29

Lucibel , an expert in LED lighting and one of the pioneers of LiFi , and Barrisol, the world leader in stretch ceilings , announce the conclusion of a strategic and commercial partnership to design and offer innovative technological solutions for professional interior design. Read more at 

Speed of Li-Fi: A Bright Idea For In-Flight Connectivity

May 15

APEX Insight: An alternative power source for cabin electronics is coming to light. “Wireless data from every light.” That’s how Professor Harald Haas of the University of Edinburgh describes Li-Fi, the term he coined for bidirectional visible light communication. Li-Fi uses light waves to transmit data, encoded in changes in brightness too fast to beRead more

Firefly Combines LiFi with 5G

May 14

LiFi solutions manufacturer Firefly LiFi is utilizing LED technology to introduce low cost 5G wireless bridges to smart city networks offering the best security and high data capacity for indoor and Wireless To The Home (WTTH) outdoor backhaul applications. Read more at Telecoms.