The Business of LiFi

January, 2019

PureLiFi Integrates LiFi into Laptop and Phone Case

January 28

PureLiFi is one of the first to implement a serious solution to the integration of LiFi into our everyday devices.  The industry continuously needs adapters and routers to enable the phone to connect to the fast and secure LiFi connection and to separate itself from the radio frequency, WiFi. The aesthetics of the phone caseRead more

LiFi ITU Standard Closing in on Approval

January 24

The ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Standard is gaining traction on approval for Light Fidelity in the telecommunication industry.  This could be the first industry outside of lighting to recognize the technology as serious contender to the established radio frequency, WiFi.  LED’s are becoming the backbone to LiFi and is propelling the technology forward in theRead more

Li-Fi Is Coming: New Technology from Industry Leaders

January 10

Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is a wireless communication technology that uses visible light to transmit data at very high speeds. It is another potentially transformative capability of LED lighting. According to Global Market Insights, Li-Fi will achieve a global market value of $75 billion by 2023.

Oledcomm’s LiFiMax Uses Light to Broadcast Data at Up to 100Mbps

January 8

Using light instead of Wi-Fi to beam data across a room might soon be the norm for everyday business, if Oledcomm has its way. At the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, the French company announced a low-profile ceiling lamp — LiFiMax — that offers an internet connection over light waves to up to 16 users simultaneously at aRead more

LiFi, an Alternative and Much Better Solution of WiFi

January 2

LI-FI is a new wireless communication technology. LI-FI stand for light fidelity it is purposed by German physicist Heralad Hass. LI-FI transmit data by the illumination by sending data through a LED light bulb. It has the same idea behind the infrared remote control.LED light bulb varies in intensity faster than human eye.