The Business of LiFi

July, 2018

Ghana Makes Progress on LiFi

July 27

The Famous Fiber Optics Inventor Dr. Thomas Mensah attended a Board Meeting in Dubai where the Technology that will replace WI-FI is being demonstrated by a Company called Zero1. This Company is one of the world.s leading developer of LI FI Technology which uses light instead of wireless to connect computers and devices. Dr. MensahRead more

The Li-Fi Lamp that Transmits High-Speed Internet through Light!

July 26

Light, a part of the visible spectrum of waves, apparently is much faster and more efficient in transferring signals than radio waves are. For starters, light has a wider frequency range, and also is essential for human visibility… so compare the millions of radio towers installed worldwide to the billions of light bulbs we alreadyRead more

An Interview with Ed Huibers from Philips Lighting

July 22

I had the opportunity to interview Ed Huibers, the Head of Business Development for LiFi at Philips Lighting (Signify) during Light + Building in March 2018 in Messe Frankfurt.  He explains Philips LiFi strategy. Watch the video here.

Optical Wireless Communications and LiFi Technology Applications: Homeland Security and Law Enforcement

July 4

Reprint permission granted. This article first appeared (DATE) in ETA International’s High Tech News. By JB Groves II, FOT, ITS, Instructor of Computing Science, Wharton County Junior College During ETA’s Education Forum last March in Orlando, which was partnered and held in conjunction with the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), I made two presentations. One ofRead more

SAVVY: No More WiFi – The New Breakthrough to Internet Connectivity Emerges!

July 2

THE Internet of Things (IoT), where everyday appliances are embedded with Internet connectivity, will soon turn all our gadgets into smart devices. Smart Cities, which are being developed all over the world, will allow pedestrians and vehicles seamless connectivity and smart solutions to everyday problems like traffic jams, where to park, where to shop, etc.