The Business of LiFi

August, 2018

Li-Fi Misconceptions

August 28

“The trouble with the world is not that people know too little; it’s that they know so many things that just aren’t so.” Today’s article will be about the common misconceptions of Li-Fi technology that you may or may not have heard. But first, what is Li-Fi?

O2 kicks off LiFi trial in U.K.

August 20

European operator O2 kicked off a trial that involves sending large amounts of data using LiFi, which uses light instead of RF to communicate. The trial at O2’s headquarters in Slough, U.K., is part of a partnership with pureLiFi, the startup that was hatched out of the University of Edinburgh, where researchers have been conductingRead more

PureLiFi Demos Integrated Li-Fi in Laptop and Phone Case at MWC

August 15

Li-Fi pioneer PureLiFi is focused on delivering internet access through lights, and it just demonstrated the technology at MWC 2018 integrated into a laptop and a phone case for the first time. There are various potential applications for Li-Fi, but the main drive for its adoption comes from the impending spectrum crunch which will see radio frequenciesRead more

pureLiFi Begins Selling Kits to Researchers

August 2

According to a tweet posted 2 AUG, pureLiFi is selling kits to academic researchers.  The kit includes:  2 LiFi XC stations, 2x LiFi Access points, and 2 Lucicup luminaires.  More information, here

The World’s Most Beautiful Router is also a Task Lamp

August 2

When was the last time you called a Wi-Fi router beautiful? I can’t remember either. A new project by designer Alexandre Picciotto in conjunction with technology company Oledcomm will make you look at the design of data differently. Called the c-224, it’s a lamp built specifically for shared tables at libraries. At first glance, it’s simply a starkly beautifulRead more