The Business of LiFi

March, 2019

LEDs Magazine: Li-Fi Picks Up Speed. But Oh, That Dongle…

March 28

Users such as Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic love the speed of Li-Fi, which is starting to look genuinely faster than Wi-Fi. And then there are all the other advantages. If only the gadget and laptop makers would get behind it. MARK HALPER reports.

LiFi at LEDucation

March 26

Randy Reid present LiFi at LEDucation. The demonstration included mono-directional, onmi-directional, and infrared lighting.

Signify to Install Li-Fi Technology in Egypt within Upcoming 3 Years

March 19

Signify, previously Philips Lighting, considers Egypt as an important regional hub to increase its exports to North and East Africa in the company’s growth plans for 2019. The company won a deal to install its smart lighting systems at five stadiums in Egypt where the African Cup of Nations 2019 will be held.

Li-fi is The Next Big Thing for Inflight Connectivity

March 12

The ability to safely access the internet at 30,000ft is becoming commonplace nowadays – even a passenger expectation in some markets. However, as passengers place greater demands on the inflight internet bandwidth, the connected experience could become less of a benefit to the experience and  more of a frustration. Fortunately a team in Scotland has  devisedRead more