The Business of LiFi

October, 2020

Quantum Computing Meets Li-Fi

October 12

Lighting vendors are going all out to transform themselves into high-tech Internet and data communication players, so it seemed only a matter of time until one of the most intriguing concepts in information technology — quantum computing — worked its way onto the scene, as it did today with a Li-Fi startup.

Signify Launches LiFi in Greece

October 12

Signify, its new corporate name Philips Lighting, a world leader in professional and consumer lighting as well as lighting for the Internet of Things, brings in Greece the innovative technology of LiFi. Greece is the first country in SE Europe and one of the first in the world in which the company launches new technology.

Light Rider Unveils Quantum Li-Fi Technology to Enable Network Security

October 8

US company Light Rider, a quantum Li-Fi company, has unveiled its first quantum encryption products that could revolutionise network security for businesses and individuals. The company has combined Li-Fi, a wireless communication technology that utilises light to transmit data between devices, and quantum encryption technology for individual users. By bringing the two technologies together, LightRead more