The Business of LiFi


What Is Li-Fi? The Fast Wireless Technology Explained

August 26

You’ve heard of Wi-Fi, but what about Li-Fi? The newer wireless technology is capable of transmitting data up to 100x faster than Wi-Fi.  Here’s everything you need to know about Li-Fi, including what it is, how it stacks up to Wi-Fi and where you can find it…

How Lasers Could Replace Wi-Fi

December 6

What exactly is li-fi? Light fidelity (li-fi or LiFi) is an alternative way of accessing the internet; instead of using radio frequency like wi-fi, the visible light spectrum is used. It has been around for a few years now, and is a very exciting technology. However, will it be able to surpass wi-fi altogether? HowRead more

What Exactly Is LiFi?

September 27

Ask people to name one thing they can’t live without, and you’d probably hear “WiFi” too often. You may laugh about it, but it makes so much sense. The internet runs our lives. You chat with friends, order food, get entertained, and work online. Without the internet, you won’t even get to read this article.Read more

A Detailed Comparison of Li-Fi vs. Wi-Fi

September 17

Many individuals are enthusiastic about the Wi-Fi concept, nowadays, and for good reason. Wi-Fi has penetrated nearly all aspects of human life, from home and business to essential public services like ICT and transport. Because of the strong reliance on Wi-Fi, many people have become the ideal wireless network users. That is why a similarRead more

Is LiFi (Light Fidelity) the Wireless Network of the Future?

April 29

Most companies operate a wireless network as a part of their business infrastructure. They are often reliable and extend the enterprise’s scope beyond their wired network, but they are not perfect. Concerns about radio interference and security have always plagued wireless networks, so network vendors are looking to the future of wireless communications. One advancementRead more

What is LiFi and How Does It Work

April 22

The world never settles for less and how? By discovering avant-garde technologies that make our lives much at ease. Today, you can’t imagine your world without an internet connection. From booking a cab to searching the net on how to do basically anything, the internet is your sole savior! Be it your work or yourRead more

LiFi at LEDucation

March 26

Randy Reid present LiFi at LEDucation. The demonstration included mono-directional, onmi-directional, and infrared lighting.