The Business of LiFi

July, 2019

Breakthrough in The Speed of LiFi Communications

July 31

LiFi is the optical analog of common WiFi, where light is used as the communications carrier instead of wireless RF transmission. Light is more easily physically confined than radio waves, as it does not pass through walls, curtains or other opaque surfaces. Visible Light Communications (VLC) or as it is commonly called, LiFi, allows muchRead more

LiFi: Past, Present and Future

July 19

Inventor of LiFi Harald Haas talks to Philip Mason about the origins of the solution, and why he believes it will solve the problem of finite RF spectrum in a data-hungry world As recent readers of Land Mobile will know, the digital communications sector is currently in a state of high anticipation, waiting for theRead more

Globalworth installs LiFi in Warsaw office

July 11

Globalworth, an office-focused developer in Poland and Romania, has installed LiFi in its offices in Spektrum Tower, Warsaw. The firm has worked with Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, to improve the use of the office buildings managed by the company. Lightwave wireless communication technology, known as LiFi or ‘light fidelity’, is similar to WiFi.Read more

Velmenni Joins the Light Communications Alliance

July 10

Velmenni is glad to be a part of Light Communications Alliance formed by Global Industry Leaders to promote new wireless technologies enabling Light Communications. Light Communications technologies complement and enhance 5G wireless communications and other radio frequency technologies such as Wi-Fi. By utilising its greater available spectrum, light can be used to deliver larger amounts of dataRead more

Light Communications Alliance Forms Around pureLiFi

July 8

Scottish LiFi pioneer pureLiFi has teamed up with communications and lighting leaders to form a global association called the Light Communications Alliance (LCA) with the aim to develop and refine LiFi’s key use cases while driving standards for this emerging industry. Along with pureLiFi, the founding members of the LCA include Nokia, Emirates Integrated TelecommunicationsRead more