The Business of LiFi


LiFi Gets Ready for Maritime

May 28

When I first read about LiFi (wifi where light is used instead of radio waves), I started imagining a whole new and bright future equipped with potentially hundreds of GHz of available frequency and Terabits flowing to and from my devices. The world would definitely be a much better place, with internet a thousand times fasterRead more

A Bright Idea to Improve Ship Wifi

May 1

Martyn Wingrove discusses the next-generation light technology that offers better availability, capacity, reliability and security than wifi Wifi’s radio communications signal does not transmit well through steel decks and bulkheads. And while engineers have come up with creative workarounds, overall, improvements have been limited and costs are considerably higher than expected.

Sensors Galore & More #CES2019

April 22

Passive and active sensors that detect low-frequency (audio) to the invisible (Radar, Lidar and Thermal) to cameras, will be central to creating autonomous vehicles that yield safer driving. Similarly, outward communications, whether via dynamic signage, audio blasts or some other means, to the humans walking, riding or driving the streets is critical for mobility machinesRead more

Astronics Eyes Disruptive Use Cases for Li-Fi in Aviation and PaxEx

April 17

When industry stakeholders started considering how Li-Fi might be deployed in aircraft cabins, certain naysayers predicted that the cons would outweigh the pros, and we’d be lucky to see it roll out in our lifetime. Li-Fi leverages light to send information, in contrast to Wi-Fi, which uses radio waves. Though it has proven capable ofRead more

AIX: Astronics Proposes PureLiFi for Aircraft Data Transfers

April 3

The Astronics stand is showing a pureLiFi system in Hamburg that could be used to quickly transfer data to and from aircraft at the gate via light. The Gatelink pureLiFi system uses light instead of radio waves to connect devices for fast data transfer. “Get Connected” first wrote about this technology back in 2016 whenRead more

PEW 2019: AeroLiFi Demonstrates Its Cabin LiFi Solution

April 3

aeroLiFi is demonstrating the ability of LiFi to stream video to multiple screens. LiFi uses both the visible and invisible light emitted by LEDs to transmit IFE data and an internet connection. Therefore, access points can continue working during the plane’s local night, and every LED bulb is a potential access point.

LEDs Magazine: Li-Fi Picks Up Speed. But Oh, That Dongle…

March 28

Users such as Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic love the speed of Li-Fi, which is starting to look genuinely faster than Wi-Fi. And then there are all the other advantages. If only the gadget and laptop makers would get behind it. MARK HALPER reports.

Signify to Install Li-Fi Technology in Egypt within Upcoming 3 Years

March 19

Signify, previously Philips Lighting, considers Egypt as an important regional hub to increase its exports to North and East Africa in the company’s growth plans for 2019. The company won a deal to install its smart lighting systems at five stadiums in Egypt where the African Cup of Nations 2019 will be held.

Li-fi is The Next Big Thing for Inflight Connectivity

March 12

The ability to safely access the internet at 30,000ft is becoming commonplace nowadays – even a passenger expectation in some markets. However, as passengers place greater demands on the inflight internet bandwidth, the connected experience could become less of a benefit to the experience and  more of a frustration. Fortunately a team in Scotland has  devisedRead more

pureLiFi in Discussions with Mobile Device Manufacturers

February 21

Gigabit LiFi to be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress LiFi at gigabit speeds, integrated into a commercial device will debut at Mobile World Congress. Gigabit LiFi is not only fast, it’s more reliable, virtually interference free and represents unique standards in wireless security, as light is inherently more secure than radio technology such as Wi-Fi orRead more

Call for Speakers at the GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®

February 14

It will be the place to hear about the latest research on this new technology that is growing since few years and is now a useful and powerfull complement to radiofrequencies. The Congress will gather high level academic talks about the most recent research topics, and also industrial exposition about the commercial available technology LiFi systems.