The Business of LiFi

LiFi Price Decreases and Product Line Diversifies

September 25 [addtoany]

My meetings in Paris continue to delight as I am learning more and more about the many benefits of LiFi.

I met Edouard Lebrun, Deputy Chief Exectuive Officer of Lucibel and we discussed new, dramatically lower pricing on their downlight.  In addition, Lucibel is set to introduce a panel light. To my knowledge this will be the first LiFi-enabled panel light that is commercially available in the market place.  They are developing a floor lamp that will be available in January, also a first.

Lucibel has over 100 LiFi jobs installed and about 90% are in France.  These are omni-directional LiFi jobs. While the industry has many mono-directional LiFi (VLC) installations, I believe that Lucibel has the most two-way LiFi in the world.

Edouard and I discussed the new IEEE standard and the importance of getting all companies on board.

As LiFi begins to go mainstream it is imperative to organizations to help define and promote the technology.  With the IEEE standard, we are well on our way.