The Business of LiFi

MyLiFi: This Lamp Beams Internet to your Laptop

January 7 [addtoany]

So you’ve heard of Wi-Fi. You might even be on Wi-Fi right now. But what if you hate Wi-Fi? What if you are just really, morally opposed to and personally offended by Wi-Fi, but still want wireless internet? Then finally, you have an answer: Li-Fi — internet delivered via infrared light.

Li-Fi is not exactly new, but a company named Oledcomm is one of the first to bring it to market in a way that’s accessible to consumers. It’s created a product named MyLiFi that lets you get internet wirelessly using a lamp and a dongle that plugs into your computer’s USB port. I got to test it out at CES today, and it definitely works. But there are so many drawbacks that I find it hard to imagine why someone would want to buy one.

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