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Official Linux Kernel Release Includes LiFi Powered by pureLiFi

August 5 [addtoany]

Linux Kernel Upgrade release 5.19 includes pureLiFi’s LiFi drivers. This is the first time a LiFi driver has been included in a major operating system upgrade.

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, August 4, 2022 / — The latest Linux Kernel Upgrade release 5.19 includes pureLiFi’s LiFi drivers. This is the first time a LiFi driver has been included in a major operating system upgrade.

The recent Kernel release 5.19 broadly acknowledged as a sizable upgrade incorporates security and network improvements that include LiFi drivers to support pureLiFi systems. The official Linux Kernel is the basis for all Linux distributions ranging from Ubuntu and Fedora for PCs and servers, to Android for mobile devices.

Alistair Banham pureLiFi CEO Says:
“This marks the first time a major operating system has included a LiFi driver in an upgrade. This is another great endorsement for LiFi and signals a growing maturity and interest in LiFi for broader use. The inclusion of LiFi drivers in the latest Linux upgrade will allow users to plug and play our LiFi system.”

Edinburgh-based pureLiFi uses light to transmit data unlike conventional radio frequency systems such as WiFi and 5G. By harnessing the light spectrum LiFi is able to provide more reliable wireless communications with unparalleled security.

LiFi is complementary and additive to the existing WiFi technology, offering more reliable connections, with lower latency and 2,600x greater network capacity. Additionally, when the WiFi and LiFi work together the users across both technologies experience greatly improved connectivity, as LiFi also makes WiFi better by freeing up capacity and reducing interference on the WiFi network.

pureLiFi announced in 2021 the first ever large-scale deployment of LiFi with the US ARMY and most recently announced a £10M investment from the Scottish National Investment Bank to expand the technology globally.

Alistair Banham expands on this recent development:

“The addition of LiFi in the Linux kernel is just the beginning. We look forward to driving the adoption of LiFi and the inclusion of pureLiFi drivers in more operating systems. This is another important milestone in our journey to connecting everything and everyone with LiFi.”

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