The Business of LiFi

Laser LiFi Could Send Data Speeds Soaring

February 6

Replacing radio waves with laser light could boost the speed and reach of communications far beyond that promised by 5G. It could allow autonomous cars to talk to each other, let drones send high-resolution photos to the ground, and move large volumes of data around smart factories and smart homes. At least that’s the visionRead more

Laser Light Pioneer Now Moving in on Li-Fi

January 8

The laser lighting company co-founded by the Nobel-winning co-inventor of the blue LED — who believes that illumination’s future is in lasers — now hopes to make inroads in another field that LED developers are also targeting: Li-Fi data communications.

The Future of the Internet is… Streetlights?

December 2

Despite its apparent omnipresence, the internet is only available to around half of the world’s population. Whatever estimate you choose, billions are without the basic internet access we take for granted in more developed countries. This means that, if we are to achieve digital equality, these billions of people will need access.

Signify wants to outfit buses with Li-Fi

November 25

Hoping to establish a market for Li-Fi in the public transportation sector, Signify has partnered with an Italian bus and train interior specialist to develop systems that would use light to deliver onboard entertainment programming, and would eventually deliver Internet service.

PureLiFi Raises $18m to Fuel Consumer Market Tech Rollout

November 18

The company announced its move from LiFi systems to components earlier this year at Mobile World Congress.  Scottish tech company PureLiFi has completed an $18 million (£14m) Series B funding round to provide LiFi components to mass-market mobile device manufacturers.

Latécoère, Signify and Huneed Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership on LiFi in Commercial Airplanes

October 29

Toulouse, France – Latécoère, a tier 1 partner to major international aircraft manufacturers, is pleased to announce the industrial scale-up of its LiFi technology1, thanks to a memorandum of understanding2 signed with Signify, the world leader in lighting, on its Trulifi technology, and an MoU signed with South Korea’s aerospace and defence specialist, Huneed Technologies, for data communication electronics and software.Read more

Why LiFi Products are yet to Shed Light on India

October 4

Despite being a much speedier internet technology as compared to WiFi, LiFi implementations are yet to make any dent in India. Unlike WiFi or wireless fidelity that uses radio waves, LiFi or light fidelity is a wireless communication technology that uses light waves to provide an internet connection. It allows for much faster data transferRead more

LiFi to Supplement 5G in Europe

October 2

Vodafone and Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) have joined forces to combine the communication power of 5G and LiFi, providing their customers with more speed and better mobile broadband connectivity. The collaboration aims to develop applications, use cases and solutions that deliver secure and reliable two-way wireless communication at speeds well beyond traditional wireless technologies suchRead more

LiFi and 5G, Stronger Together

October 2

October 1, 2019 Vodafone and Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) join forces to combine communication power of 5G and LiFi Provides professional and consumer customers with more speed and better mobile broadband connectivity Vodafone showcases benefits of the collaboration during IEEE 5G Summit in Dresden Dresden, Germany – Vodafone Deutschland and Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, areRead more

LiFi Communicates with Photons Instead of Radio Waves

September 25

Photonics is a promising technology in almost all sectors, now and in the future. Many scientists are exploring the possibilities of this light technology. But what use is it to companies in different industries? How will they apply photonics? That is what Photonics Applications Week is all about. A week full of workshops, congresses, exhibitions,Read more

Reporting at Light Speed as HSV Becomes World’s First Football Club to use LiFi

September 13

Eindhoven,  the Netherlands –September 9, 2019 – Journalists in the press center at the Volkspark stadium – home to Hamburg football club HSV Fußball AG – are the first to file their stories using an innovative new means of wireless communication. This is because Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has installed LiFi in the stadium pressRead more

LiFi Trial Frees Graemsay Residents from Slow Internet Service

August 26

Residents on the island of Graemsay, an island off the Orkney mainland, Scotland, are now using a LiFi network to access the internet instead of their slow and congestion prone fixed line copper network, thanks to the 5G RuralFirst rural connectivity testbed. Prior to the trial, which began in June, the island’s residents often sawRead more

Orkney 5G Trial Tests Li-Fi Wireless Broadband via Solar Panels

August 26

Now this really is unique. One of the Government funded 5G RuralFirst testbeds on Orkney (Scotland) appears to be delivering “high-speed” wireless broadband to a number of remote rural properties by using solar panels as receivers for a new Light Fidelity (LiFi) network (i.e. Li-Fi solar backhaul). LiFi is a Visible Light Communication (VLC) based networking technology,Read more

Li-Fi then LifiX: History Repeating Itself?

August 6

B.Bataillou1 , T.Merelle1, Davies W. de Lima Monteiro2 1 – Pi Lighting, Sion, Switzerland, 2- OptMAlab, Optronics & Microtechnologies, UFMG, Brazil The acceptance of Li-Fi technologies is getting some rapid momentum on the market. Li-Fi combines data transmission through visible light or near infrared with LED illumination. While still a niche, interesting questions toRead more