The Business of LiFi

Signify to Install Li-Fi Technology in Egypt within Upcoming 3 Years

March 19

Signify, previously Philips Lighting, considers Egypt as an important regional hub to increase its exports to North and East Africa in the company’s growth plans for 2019. The company won a deal to install its smart lighting systems at five stadiums in Egypt where the African Cup of Nations 2019 will be held.

Li-fi is The Next Big Thing for Inflight Connectivity

March 12

The ability to safely access the internet at 30,000ft is becoming commonplace nowadays – even a passenger expectation in some markets. However, as passengers place greater demands on the inflight internet bandwidth, the connected experience could become less of a benefit to the experience and  more of a frustration. Fortunately a team in Scotland has  devisedRead more

Li-Fi Adds Data to Light the Way

February 26

Light fidelity (Li-Fi) technologies are bringing illumination and communication capabilities that will both complement and, in many ways, surpass today’s wireless Wi-Fi systems.

pureLiFi in Discussions with Mobile Device Manufacturers

February 21

Gigabit LiFi to be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress LiFi at gigabit speeds, integrated into a commercial device will debut at Mobile World Congress. Gigabit LiFi is not only fast, it’s more reliable, virtually interference free and represents unique standards in wireless security, as light is inherently more secure than radio technology such as Wi-Fi orRead more

Call for Speakers at the GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®

February 14

It will be the place to hear about the latest research on this new technology that is growing since few years and is now a useful and powerfull complement to radiofrequencies. The Congress will gather high level academic talks about the most recent research topics, and also industrial exposition about the commercial available technology LiFi systems.    

PureLiFi Aims for Consumers

February 5

Wireless communications firm PureLiFi is targeting the consumer market as it gets ready to unveil new technology that allows LiFi connectivity to be integrated into mobile handsets. The Edinburgh-based firm will debut the first consumer device powered by Gigabit LiFi at Mobile World Congress, a global industry conference, later this month.

Signify CEO Sees Healthy Appetite for LiFi

February 5

The Q4 2018 Signify Earnings Call delved into the company’s ventures for 2019.  The CEO of Signify, Eric Rondolat, stated that a large investment for the company is in horticulture, solar, and LiFi technology.  These areas of lighting must efficiently and seamlessly integrate with technology to be competitive in the lighting industry. LiFi specifically provides a faster andRead more

Signify Acquires Firefly, its Second LiFi Company

February 1

EXCLUSIVE:  MUST CREDIT LiFiREPORT.  LiFiReport can confirm that Signify has acquired Firefly LiFi.  According to their website, Firefly has an office in San Diego as well as Germany. We can confirm that the transaction has already occurred.  In February of 2017, Signify (then Philips Lighting) acquired a small French LiFi company, Luciom. In addition, the CEORead more

PureLiFi Integrates LiFi into Laptop and Phone Case

January 28

PureLiFi is one of the first to implement a serious solution to the integration of LiFi into our everyday devices.  The industry continuously needs adapters and routers to enable the phone to connect to the fast and secure LiFi connection and to separate itself from the radio frequency, WiFi. The aesthetics of the phone caseRead more

LiFi ITU Standard Closing in on Approval

January 24

The ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Standard is gaining traction on approval for Light Fidelity in the telecommunication industry.  This could be the first industry outside of lighting to recognize the technology as serious contender to the established radio frequency, WiFi.  LED’s are becoming the backbone to LiFi and is propelling the technology forward in theRead more

Li-Fi Is Coming: New Technology from Industry Leaders

January 10

Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is a wireless communication technology that uses visible light to transmit data at very high speeds. It is another potentially transformative capability of LED lighting. According to Global Market Insights, Li-Fi will achieve a global market value of $75 billion by 2023.