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pureLiFi in Discussions with Mobile Device Manufacturers

February 21 [addtoany]

Gigabit LiFi to be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress

LiFi at gigabit speeds, integrated into a commercial device will debut at Mobile World Congress. Gigabit LiFi is not only fast, it’s more reliable, virtually interference free and represents unique standards in wireless security, as light is inherently more secure than radio technology such as Wi-Fi or cellular.

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Opitcal LiFi components for mobile devices.

Alistair Banham, pureLIFI CEO
“We’re already in discussions with mobile phone manufacturers, demonstrating how our optical LiFi components will enable innovation in their products and transform the user experience. We’ve led global adoption of LiFi into critical use cases such as Government and Industry and now we’re bringing the technology into every device and every light for everyone.”

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Zumtobel teams up with pureLiFi to step into LiFi.

Zumtobel, one of the European market leaders for professional lighting and associated services, is striving for the use of their innovative LED solutions to empower the latest in wireless technologies called LiFi.

The newest trial, conducted in partnership with pureLiFi,  reflects a series of moves by Zumtobel to evolve lighting beyond its core function of illumination and solve challenges for high-speed secure wireless connectivity.

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Push wireless to new limits with LiFi.

Speed & Bandwidth  |  Reliability  |  Low Latency  | Security

LiFi is a wireless technology holds the key to solving challenges faced by 5G. LiFi can transmit at multiple gigabits, is more reliable, virtually interference free and uniquely more secure than radio technology such as Wi-Fi or cellular.

The demand for bandwidth is growing by the day and the global LiFi market is currently forecasted to be worth 75.5bn US dollars by 2023 (GM insights).

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