The Business of LiFi

LiFi Passes Industrial Test with BMW’s Robotic Tools

June 15

The project’s aim was to develop more flexible manufacturing cells in the area of automotive engineering through the use of fast optical wireless technologies instead of relying on wired fieldbuses or common radio solutions. The presentation demonstrated a Li-Fi communication with a mobile robot carrying out usual production processes such as welding, moving and testingRead more

Tech World: What is LiFi?

June 11

Most households in the UK will have a broadband connection and a lot of those houses will also have experienced connection or speed issues. But what if there was a way to connect to the internet and benefit from a direct connection with much faster speeds? Enter Li-Fi. Li-Fi stands for Light Fidelity and is a Visible Light Communications (VLC) system whichRead more

Advanced Television: Could LiFi be the Next Big Thing?

June 8

Work on so-called ‘smart cities’ is happening around the world, and one suggestion is to use LED lighting as a substitute for WiFi or 5G in cities equipped with ‘smart’ street lights. The concept is simple, although whether it will catch on in the face of widespread WiFi and development of 5G connectivity is anotherRead more

LiFi Ready For Its Moment In The Spotlight

June 7

In recent years, LED lighting has emerged to offer workplaces and residences an alternative to traditional fluorescent lighting. Having said that, LED lighting also promises to radically change the high-speed data communications sector. LiFi, which uses light waves rather than radio waves, will enable many users to transmit data at speeds exceeding current WiFi, usingRead more

Philips Tests LiFi in a Real Office

June 4

This week, Philips announced that its LiFi, or Light Fidelity, tech is currently being tested at the offices of Icade, a French real estate investment company. LiFi provides broadband internet through lights, using LEDs to transmit a high-speed connection of up to 30 Mb per second through light waves. Read more at Engadget.

Lucibel Partners with Barrisol for Stretch Ceilings

May 29

Lucibel , an expert in LED lighting and one of the pioneers of LiFi , and Barrisol, the world leader in stretch ceilings , announce the conclusion of a strategic and commercial partnership to design and offer innovative technological solutions for professional interior design. Read more at 

Speed of Li-Fi: A Bright Idea For In-Flight Connectivity

May 15

APEX Insight: An alternative power source for cabin electronics is coming to light. “Wireless data from every light.” That’s how Professor Harald Haas of the University of Edinburgh describes Li-Fi, the term he coined for bidirectional visible light communication. Li-Fi uses light waves to transmit data, encoded in changes in brightness too fast to beRead more

Firefly Combines LiFi with 5G

May 14

LiFi solutions manufacturer Firefly LiFi is utilizing LED technology to introduce low cost 5G wireless bridges to smart city networks offering the best security and high data capacity for indoor and Wireless To The Home (WTTH) outdoor backhaul applications. Read more at Telecoms.

Philips Lighting (Signify) is the First Global Lighting Company to offer LiFi-enabled Luminaires from its Existing Office Lighting Portfolio

April 12

Philips is now offering Light Fidelity (LiFi), a technology in which LED lighting provides a broadband Internet connection through light waves. As the lighting company for the Internet of Things, Philips Lighting is the first global lighting company to offer LiFi-enabled luminaires from its existing office lighting portfolio. “LiFi has enormous potential for today’s digital age,” said Olivia Qiu,Read more

Will LiFi Take Over Wi-Fi

April 3

In the future, data could flow out of your $400 West Elm sconce like water out of a showerhead at speeds 100 times faster than WiFi. That is, if you’re using a technology called LiFi. “Li-Fi” stands for light fidelity and it’s likely to be the next stage in the natural evolution of in-home wireless internet technology. Before youRead more

MyLiFi: This Lamp Beams Internet to your Laptop

January 7

So you’ve heard of Wi-Fi. You might even be on Wi-Fi right now. But what if you hate Wi-Fi? What if you are just really, morally opposed to and personally offended by Wi-Fi, but still want wireless internet? Then finally, you have an answer: Li-Fi — internet delivered via infrared light. Li-Fi is not exactlyRead more