The Business of LiFi

Lucibel Unveils Enhanced LiFi Product Range with Lower Prices

October 22

Lighting systems manufacturer Lucibel announced the forthcoming launch of a new LiFi range developed with its Scottish partner PureLiFi. The company described the range as a second generation of products, featuring patent-pending innovation. A new LED downlight and LiFi key will be commercialised from November at more than half the retail price of their predecessorsRead more

Signify to Launch LiFi Luminaires Before Year End

October 19

Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, plans to start selling LED luminaires equipped with LiFi technology sometime in the fall. Luminaires are complete electric light units. With Signify, they can also provide fast, stable internet connection. Signify Benelux CEO told Elsevier the company will initially focus on the business market and on business applications. LiFi could become anRead more

Perovskite Photodetectors for LiFi

October 19

The materials called perovskites—which combine cheap, simple manufacturing processes with good semiconductor specs—have attracted a lot of attention as a potential low-cost platform for solar cells and LEDs. Researchers would also like to put those same qualities into service in photodetectors, for high-bandwidth applications such as free-space visible-light communications (VLC), popularly known as “Li-Fi.”

A Signifycant Issue with LiFi

October 17

LiFi is a wireless optical networking technology that uses LEDs for data transmission. It is essentially a way to receive wireless Internet that is different from Wi-Fi. LiFi acquired its name due to the similarity to Wi-Fi, only using light frequency instead of radio frequency.   Dr. Harald Haas first coined the term in a TEDRead more

Aviation Technology Company Astronics Promotes LiFi for Air Travel

October 17

Aviation technology company Astronics has brought to NBAA a new cabin demonstration booth to showcase about 30 cabin technologies.  Those include a cabin control system that lets passengers manipulate a range of cabin functions via a wireless touchscreen device about the size of a smartphone.

How Light Could Help Superfast Mobile Reach Even Further

October 12

The global race towards superfast “fifth generation” mobile internet, known as 5G, is entering a key phase. The trouble is no-one knows exactly which technologies will be best for offering such a service. But one telecoms firm may just have had a light-bulb moment. At its headquarters in Slough, O2 has installed an unusual demo.Read more

AASA Becomes a Member of the Industrial Internet Consortium

October 1

RESTON, Va., Sept. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — AASA, a U.S. based innovative IT, engineering and R&D solutions provider, leading through its 01LightCom subsidiary, has recently joined the Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™), the world’s leading organization transforming business and society by accelerating the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). AASA will be the firstRead more

Firefly LiFi Claims 25X Than Any Other Commercially Available LiFi

September 27

Firefly LiFi, Manufacturer of the World’s Fastest Commercially Available LiFi Solutions, Exhibited With Teleconnect at the IEEE 5G Summit in Germany.  Firefly’s Visible Light Communications system provides higher data rates and security for indoor and outdoor LiFi applications.  IEEE 5G Summit – Firefly LiFi, a manufacturer of Visible Light Communications (VLC) LiFi products, announced that itRead more

Please Welcome LiFi to the Aviation Industry

September 27

PureLiFi and Astronics Corporation are collaborating to explore the deployment of LiFi for aircraft applications.  Astronics is a provider of technologies for the global aerospace, defence and semiconductor industries and PDT, one of its subsidiaries, will demonstrate pureLiFi’s solutions at the APEX EXPO airline passenger experience event which is currently taking place in Boston, USA (25-27Read more

LiFi Price Decreases and Product Line Diversifies

September 25

My meetings in Paris continue to delight as I am learning more and more about the many benefits of LiFi. I met Edouard Lebrun, Deputy Chief Exectuive Officer of Lucibel and we discussed new, dramatically lower pricing on their downlight.  In addition, Lucibel is set to introduce a panel light. To my knowledge this willRead more

Store Visit in France using Indoor GPS/Omni-directional LiFi

September 21

My LiFi research in France continues.  Why France?  There is more LiFi installed in France than the rest of the world combined—and I am determined to find out why. Today, I visited E.Leclerc in a western suburb of Paris.  The store and products can be compared to a very upscale Super Walmart; they sell everythingRead more

A Visit with ZERO1 LUX

September 20

Your humble editor is in France this week meeting with the big LiFi companies. France is a hotbed for LiFi and I am determined to find out why there is so much LiFi in France, but not much in the rest of the world. My first meeting was with ZERO1 LUX; they have offices inRead more

Scottish School Trials Li-Fi

September 6

A SECONDARY school in Scotland is trialling the delivery of the internet using its lighting.The Kyle Academy secondary school in Ayr has become one of the first in the world to use visible light from LED luminaires as a medium to connect to the web. The pupils insert a special memory-stick sized dongle into theirRead more